Four Fold Doors

EPD Four Fold Doors solve door problems for many different applications

EPD Four Fold Doors are:

  • High-cycle, fast, and will last the lifetime of the building
  • Routinely operating over two million cycles with minimal maintenance
  • Extremely economical to operate which minimizes the need for costly service contracts
  • Compact & space saving
  • Fit into places that other doors can’t–less than 5″ of headroom is typically required
  • Many options are available, from custom cladding and window design to specialty operation and controls

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Available Options

Model 38

Four Fold with Decorative Panel Design Model 38 View Model »

Model 39

Four Fold with Catenary Notch and Monorail Notch Model 39 View Model »

Model 41

Glazed Four Fold Doors Model 41 View Model »

Model 45

Four Fold Doors with Steel Rods Model 45 View Model »

Model 46

Flat Sheeted Four Fold Doors w/o Windows Model 46 View Model »

Model 47

Four Folds with Steel Mesh Model 47 View Model »

Model 48

Four Fold Doors with Louvers Model 48 View Model »

Model 49

Wood Clad Four Fold Doors Model 49 View Model »