Water Treatment

EPD’s four fold doors are well suited for use in waste treatment and transfer facilities for numerous reasons:

EPD can provide doors with cladding materials that stand up to the corrosive effects of the caustic chemicals and materials associated with these facilities.

Vehicular traffic from commercial trucks and private citizens present situations where a door may be hit and damaged.

  • Four fold doors open horizontally (sideways) and operate fast (2 feet per second), reducing the likelihood of damage.
  • In cases when the door does get hit, the heavy structural steel used by EPD in the door’s construction minimizes damage.

Doors can be insulated for heated environments and for use in severe weather conditions.

Vertical lift doors are available from EPD for larger openings.

Doors in Nuclear Waste Handling Facilities Require Special Features

  • EPD can provide custom blast, shielding, and security doors that comply with specified criteria.
  • Crane-way, sliding, vertical lift and other over-size doors are also available.
  • Vertical Lift Doors can be customized to close and seal around special applications such as conveyors for moving hazardous materials.
  • Doors are also available for airlock applications.


Vertical Lift Doors

EPD Vertical Lift Doors. Metro Sewage Pig’s Eye Waste Treatment Plant St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Swing Doors and Pivot Doors

Bi-Swing Waste Management Emille AL.

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Roof and Floor Hatches

Floor Hatch 2 Panel Swing Up NEORSD OH.

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Model 39

Four Fold Model 39 (Monorail) Chlorine Treatment Plant.

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Sliding Doors

Top Hung Sliding 2 Leaf Bi-Parting with Monorail NEORSD OH.

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Vertical Lift Doors

Vertical Lift with Vision Metropolitan Treatment Plant MN.

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