Blast Doors

EPD Blast Doors are designed for when protection is critical

Electric Power Door specializes in manufacturing blast resistant doors to handle low to very high blast load ranges. These doors can be provided with power operators, special hardware, weathering, sub-frames for embedding, and other optional equipment. Fire labeled doors are also available with many different options. 3-hour labeled doors have been tested in accordance to CAN4 S-104, CSFM, 12-43-4, NFPA 252, UBC 43, 2, UL-10b, and UL-10c fire testing standards.

Reliable protection is crucial in the blast door industry. When the highest quality of door is required, people look to Electric Power Door for the solution. Electric Power Door has been manufacturing blast doors since the 1960’s. Many of those doors are still in use today. This is why the United States Military and many others trust Electric Power Door as their blast door manufacturer.

Our doors are custom designed and manufactured specifically for each customer’s application. The most common styles of blast doors are:

Due to the special requirements and critical nature of the facilities where these doors and hatches are needed, we request you contact us for technical information and details.


Blast Door Options:

  • Power Operators
    • Electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic operators fully automate even the heaviest of blast doors.  Each system is specially designed for any unique circumstance.
  • Special Hardware
    • EPD can design door hardware for nearly any scenario.  We have provided doors with 50+ large pins that are operated manually with one easy motion.
  • Sealing Capabilities
    • Doors can be airtight, watertight, and resistant to a variety of other conditions.
  • Blast Door Embed Frames
    • Our embed frames are designed to be installed with many different wall styles.  Frames can tie directly into the rebar or be completely separate.
  • Fire Protection
    • UL10C fire labels for single and bi-swing styles for low and mid-range blasts.
  • Insulated
    • Door panels and frames can be filled with an assortment of different insulations to meet specified insulation requirements.
  • Designed to withstand the blast duration
    • The door and it’s hardware are properly designed to protect against the blast event, whether it is a static or dynamic load.
  • Automated Latching Systems
    • Latching can be operated locally or remotely.  All automated latching is also able to be manually operated in case of emergencies.
  • Panic Hardware
    • Free exit hardware or panic hardware is available on low and mid-range blast doors.
  • Security Controls
    • Control panels can be integrated with building management systems to monitor and control the doors.
  • Impact / Fragmentation Protection
    • Our design team uses UFC and DOE standards to design doors against impact and fragments.  Using thick mild steel or special hardened plate, we can combine impact and fragmentation resistance on almost any blast door.
  • Ballistic Resistance
    • Ballistic tested doors to UL level 8 are available.  Doors can also be designed for specified ballistic ratings.
  • Force Entry protection blast doors
    • Doors are tested to GSA and DOS forced entry standards.


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Bi-Swing Blast Door

Blast Door Hatch

Sliding Blast Door - Large Load

Swing Blast Door - Medium Load

Swing Blast Door - Low Load

Photo Gallery


Blast Doors Operating underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility.
This video shows the typical blast door installation instructions.