Blast Doors

EPD Blast Doors are designed for when protection is critical

Electric Power Door designs and manufactures heavy-duty blast doors and blast hatches. Blast doors and hatches are custom engineered to handle all situations from very low to very high range blast loads. Fire labeled, blast doors are also available. All blast doors and hatches can be provided with power operators, special hardware, weathering, sub-frames for embedding, and other optional equipment.

Due to the special requirements and critical nature of the facilities where blast doors and hatches are needed, we request you contact us for technical information and details.


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Additional Information

EPD has engineered blast doors to handle low to very high blast load ranges. The most common styles of blast doors are:

Blast doors are custom designed and manufactured specifically for each customer’s application.

EPD Blast Door options include:

  • Power operators
  • Special hardware
  • Weathertight, watertight, airtight, and gastight seals
  • Blast Door Sub-frames for embedding
  • Fire labeling available in single and double swing styles for low and mid-range blasts
  • 3-hour labeled doors have been tested in accordance to CAN4 S-104, CSFM, 12-43-4, NFPA 252, UBC 43, 2, and UL-10b fire testing standards
  • Insulated core to reduce the exterior temperature rise
  • Designed to withstand the blast duration — dynamic or static loads
  • Automated latching systems
  • Panic hardware
  • Security controls
  • Ballistic / projectile resistance
  • Bullet resistance to withstand small arms, high-powered rifle, and armor-piercing rounds
  • Force protection blast doors



Bi-Swing Blast Door

Blast Door Hatch

Sliding Blast Door - Large Load

Swing Blast Door - Medium Load

Swing Blast Door - Low Load

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This video shows the typical blast door installation instructions.
EPD Blast Door Operator