About Us

Electric Power Door is one of the oldest continuously operating door manufacturers in the USA. Family-owned since 1923, we produce high-quality, durable and reliable doors for a wide array of industrial applications.

Our doors are custom-built to perform dependably for the lifetime of the building in some of the most extreme environments around the world—from the Arizona desert to Antarctica—all while being backed by high-quality customer service and technical support.

With Electric Power Door, you get our commitment to building the highest quality, most reliable doors in the industry. Our top-notch service and customer support starts with helping our customers find the right door type for their application, and continues through the design, specification, planning, and building process.

But we don’t stop there.

It’s just as important to us that our doors continue to perform for years to come—it’s why we stand behind our products, and support every one we’ve made since 1923 with replacement parts, technical support, and service. We make sure we understand our customer’s requirements, and our doors represent the reliability and work ethic that each of our customers embodies, and the performance of our doors gives them the ability to get their jobs done.

That’s why we put quality and reliability first.

Electric Power Door is in the heart of Minnesota’s Iron Range, a place that knows the values and benefit of hard work, where our forefathers, neighbors and colleagues help feed our nation’s industry. Everyone at Electric Power Door takes pride in the work we do—it’s part of our heritage, in the soil around us, and it shows in the products we build.

Picture of Electric Power Door factory

For nearly a century at Electric Power Door, we’ve been pushing the limits of what’s possible with industrial doors, using tried-and-true methods while constantly innovating and improving our designs, practices, and materials, while developing many of the innovations in the door industry along the way.

Regardless of the application, we steadfastly pursue quality, ensuring that our doors are crafted using the best practices, and the highest quality USA-made steel and components.

The result is a superior door.

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Picture of Garrett Rhude

Garrett Rhude


Garrett Rhude is the President of Electric Power Door. Garrett attended the University of Minnesota Duluth where he received his Bachelors of Business Administration with an emphasis on Organizational Management. Garrett was born and raised in Hibbing, MN. In his spare time, he enjoys camping, motorcycling and spending time in the great outdoors.

Picture of Jeffrey Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson

Vice President of Marketing & Sales

Jeff Jacobson is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Electric Power Door. He has been with EPD since 1977, and has been a Vice President for 26 years. Jeff was raised in Hibbing and is married with 5 children and 10 grandchildren. Over the years he has enjoyed playing many sports, including, basketball, which he has coached at Hibbing High School. Jeff also enjoys the outdoor lifestyle the local area provides.