Making Better Sally Port Doors

Sally Port Door

When Electric Power Door started manufacturing hydraulic four fold door for sally ports technology was much different than it is today. However, one thing has remained the same – we have been building durable doors that stand the test of time. Many of the doors that were manufactured over 30 years ago by Electric Power Door are still in use today. Over the years we continue to improve our doors to keep them lasting longer than the competition. Below is a list of some of the improvements made to EPD’s Hydraulic Four Fold Sally Port Door systems:

Electrical Upgrades

  • Utilized PLC to replace mechanical relays
    • Assists with troubleshooting and provides self-diagnostics
    • Easier to make future additions or changes
    • Provides additional features/controls and the ability to integrate with building management systems.
  • Replaced fused transformer with DC Power supply which eliminates the need to replace fuses if there is a short circuit.

Hydraulic Upgrades

  • Our new hydraulic power unit now has a motor/pump splined connection which results in less wear on the pump/motor for longer life and allows for the motor and pump to be replaced independently.
  • New manifold valving
    • Provides hydraulic “locking” of the doors in the closed position for improved holding power to keep doors closed and reduced operating cycles on the motor/pump which reduces the frequency of operating noise. This also eliminated the need for a recycle timer.
    • The manifold is smaller and reorganized to allow for fewer and easier field adjustments.
    • All fittings are now O-ring style to eliminate leaks.
  • Hydraulic cylinders
    • Now have a double-lipped seal on the piston for increased cylinder life.
    • Ports on the cylinders are O-ring style to eliminate leaks. 
    • The base of the cylinder is now a tee-style base for a stronger connection.
  • New hydraulic enclosures 
    • Perimeter seal, three-point latching, and is lockable
    • Powder-coated on the interior and exterior
    • Utilize integrated lifting lugs for easier installation.
  • Updated safety devices include low oil and high oil temperature for added monitoring and longer operation.
  • Top mount hydraulic operators are available for reduced side room installations.


Sally Port Door

Paint/Finish Upgrades

    • SSPC-SP-6 commercial sandblast surface preparation is available to provide the required surface profile for maximum primer adhesion.
    • TnemeZinc 90-97 zinc-rich primer is available for increased inhibition to rusting.
    • Factory-applied polyurethane finish paint is available for weather/UV protection.
    • Upgraded caulk and caulking methods for better adhesion and sealing.
    • Panels can be flat sheeted, security mesh, vertical rods, or a combination of these styles.

Hardware Upgrades 

    • Stainless steel pintles and guide roller shafts are available to increase corrosion resistance, smoother operation, and extended life.
    • Center astragal now is a “Z” profile with foam seal for increased sealing against elements and safety against pinching.
    • Upgraded weatherstrip with a new profile and base material for increased sealing.
    • Improved window frames provide a cleaner finish as well as increased glass retainage.
    • Custom, in-house designed hinges specific for opening size. 
    • For increased strength hinges are now gusseted on larger openings.


Electric Power Door is committed to providing quality products and support. If you would have questions about our doors, would like a quote, or need help getting set up, feel free to fill out our contact us form.