Blast Doors A Mile Underground

Almost a mile under the ground in Lead, South Dakota sits what was once one of the largest gold-producing mines in the US. Now called the Sanford Underground Research Facility it’s the deepest underground laboratory in the United States. At this facility they conduct sensitive physics experiments that need to be removed from the cosmic radiation of the sun.


blast resistant door


Having a research facility that is almost a mile underground presents a unique set of challenges that requires custom work. Electric Power Door was able to provide six blast doors for the facility. These doors are designed to withstand repeated blasting, which occurs during cavern expansion. The doors also need to operate against a strong airflow due to the air pressure in the tunnels. EPD designed and manufactured the complete door system in-house for the specific site conditions underground. Not just the door panels, but also the hinges, door frame, embeds, latching mechanisms, controls, and operating systems.



Custom Doors From Electric Power Door

Electric Power Door is no stranger to custom projects. EPD has been manufacturing custom doors since 1923. Our doors are all over the world and in many different applications. Whether it’s blast doors underground, sally ports for a jail, or a large opening in a harsh environment, EPD has a custom solution.

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