Big Trucks Need Big Doors

cat-haul-truckMost people don’t have an issue pulling their truck into a shop for maintenance or repairs. They call up their local mechanic and pull right into the garage. Well, most people don’t drive a truck like this? This is a haul truck, they’re used in mining and in heavy construction situations. While they don’t drive on the same roads you do, they still need to get in the shop every once in a while for maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, there are specific garages and shops built large enough to fix a truck of this size. Ziegler Cat in Buhl, Minnesota is one of the places these large machines can go to get repaired and maintained.


Ziegler is set up with several 40ft wide by 35ft tall┬ávertical lift doors manufactured by Electric Power Door. These vertical lift doors are built to withstand a high number of cycles and the harsh Minnesota winters. Ziegler has been using EPD doors since the 1970’s and continues to use Electric Power Door as their go-to manufacturer for large doors. Many other companies in the mining industry also trust the quality of EPD for their door needs. Companies like, U.S. Steel, Cleveland-Cliffs, and more.

Check out this time laps video of a truck getting rebuilt in the Ziegler shop. You can see one of the vertical lift doors in the background:

The quality of our doors means a lot to Electric Power Door. We have been a family owned business since 1923 and have been custom building doors for some of the most extreme environments on the planet. EPD has always backed up our products with high-quality customer service and technical support. Supporting our clients with the very best doors possible is only one way EPD helps out the mining industry. Electric Power Door is also a contributing member of the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota. The IMA is a non-profit organization that helps promote the iron ore industry in Minnesota. Organizations like the IMA give us the chance to give back to the industries that support Electric Power Door.

If you want to learn more about our doors or are interested in working with Electric Power Door please fill out our contact us form. We are happy to assist you in getting the right door for your project.