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EPD Vertical Lift Doors are designed to last the lifetime of the building

Extremely large openings are not a problem for EPD’s vertical lift door systems. Our vertical acting doors are used on large equipment maintenance facilities serving mining operations throughout the world. Vertical lift doors stand up to high wind loads and extreme environmental conditions.

  • This is the door of choice for very large openings when there are high wind loads and the sill area needs to be uninterrupted.
  • EPD vertical lift doors can withstand most damages caused by vehicle or equipment collisions.
  • Vertical lift doors can be a single panel or multiple panels.


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EPD Vertical Lift Doors are durable for a reason…because we provide quality materials and superior craftsmanship.

  • EPD uses structural steel panel construction and heavy gauge sheeting on the door panels – using steel that is manufactured in the USA whenever possible.
  • EPD vertical lift doors have an extra heavy duty operating system.
  • No springs are used in the EPD vertical lift door. Torsion and coil springs are common trouble areas on roll-up and overhead sectional doors. EPD’s cable and counter balanced operating mechanism typically out-performs a spring balanced system.

EPD’s vertical lift doors are custom designed for each project to maximize the available opening dimensions.

The doors are equipped with high performance, tight fitting weather seals and manufactured to withstand extreme environmental and abrasive conditions.

  • The doors can be designed for installation on the building’s interior or exterior wall surface. Interior mounted doors are more economical and are used whenever there is sufficient head room inside the building.
  • Mounting the door on the wall’s exterior surface allows for taller, clear openings since the doors are stacked inside a weather-hood enclosure located above the top of the opening.
  • Exterior mounted doors are typically used on retro-fits or buildings with minimal interior ceiling heights.
  • Options include vision lights, louvers, full size personnel doors, special cladding, and insulation.

EPD’s reliable operating system includes:

  • Heavy duty weight counterbalancing
  • Door panel guide rollers with precision roller bearings
  • Guided counterweight box enclosed in a full height counterweight tower
  • A cable reeving system that balances the loading and makes all the panels travel at proportional speeds (not the bump and grind method)
  • Sheaves, cables, and shaft sizes that are larger, heavier, and designed to be longer lasting than parts used on alternate door types
  • A hand crank or hand chain for use during a power failure or emergency to quickly and safely operate the door. The manual operation speed is fast and reliable, since it does not rotate the motor shaft or gear reducer.




Vertical Lift Doors can be designed for storing the door panels in the raised position on either the interior side, or the exterior side of the adjacent wall structure.

  • Interior mounting the doors provides the most economical installation, however if ceiling height is insufficient for interior mounting, the door can be attached to the building’s exterior wall.
  • Exterior mounted doors are designed with a weather hood structure that stores the door panels above the clear opening whenever the door is fully lifted.

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One Panel Interior

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Two Panel Interior

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Three Panel Interior

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Four Panel Interior

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