Four-Fold and Bi-Fold Door Styles

EPD Four-Fold Doors solve door problems on a wide variety of buildings. The reasons are simple:

  • High-cycle, fast and long life
    Routinely operating over two million cycles with minimal maintenance
  • Extremely economical to operate
    Minimizing the need for costly service contracts
  • Compact & space saving
    Fit into places that other doors can't–less than 5" of headroom is typically required
Four-Fold Door Styles and Options
Four-Fold Door with Catenary Notch
EPD Model 39
Four-Fold Doors with Catenary Notch Details
Glazed Four-Fold Doors
EPD Model 41
Glazed Four-Fold Doors Details
Four-Fold Doors with Steel Rods
EPD Model 45
Four-Fold Doors with Steel Rods Details
EPD Model 46
Flat Sheeted Doors w/o Windows Details
EPD Model 47
Four-Fold Doors with Steel Mesh Details
EPD Model 48
Four-Fold Doors with Louver Details
EPD Model 49
Wood Clad Four-Fold Doors Details

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Hydraulic or Electric Operators are Available for All Styles of Four-Fold Doors

 Operator Features   Hydraulic Operator   Electric
Location of Operators   Along Side of Door   Above Door
Head Room Typically Required   4.75"   17"
Side Room Typically Required   28.5"    15" to 18"
Durability with Full Open/Close Cycles   Excellent   Excellent
Durability with Mid-Cycle Reverses   Excellent   Excellent *
Recommended Max. Size   30' x 20'   18' x 18'
Resistance to Impact Damage   Excellent   Good
* With Variable Speed Motor Control Option
 Additional Options:
  • Manual Operation
  • Security Bolts, Both Manual & Automatic
  • Interior Mounting
  • Exterior Mounting
  • Operator Enclosures
  • Numerous Control Options & Interfaces


Side Mounted Operators
with Remote Located
Hydraulic Pump

Four-Fold Door with Side Mounted Operator

Top Mounted Electric Motor & Gearboxes

Gearbox Operator Data